American Apparel Online Store


As you can imagine, organizing an online store for a company that has over 10,000 product SKU’s can get a little complicated. We helped American Apparel re-evaluate and re-organize the architecture, user interface, and path to purchase for it’s online retail experience.
Each step from initial landing to finding clothes you need, or just browsing the virtual isles is painstakingly planned out. Careful consideration is given to the translation of the in-store retail experience to it’s online adaptation and the results have been tremendously profitable.
On the back-end, we worked with American Apparel’s development and maintenance teams to standardize work flow and cut down on redundancies. We created style guides and standardized element to keep teams across the room and across the globe all on the same page. In a world where everyone is trying to find an e=commerce answer, American Apparel is leading the way.

American Apparel