What We Do

Time for a change.

The Internet. That one aspect of marketing that every company knows they need to be involved in, but also one that many companies never feel quite comfortable with. You have a brand and you’ve worked hard to make it great. You’ve spent a lot of time and money hiring an army of professionals to perfect your image. And then you have to build a website.
All of a sudden, you don’t look or feel like yourself anymore. The agency handling your creative and brand strategy doesn’t know how to build effective websites. They specialize in print and broadcast media. So when it comes to building your website, they have to hire someone else.
Now the firm building your site tells you that all of your brand strategy and public image work has to take a back seat to search engine optimization (SEO) and maintenance. They say the visual experience isn’t important and make you choose between functionality and personality. The result is a site that works well enough, but no one particularly likes. Especially you.

What makes SODA different.

SODA is a creative studio that specializes in uniquely branded experiences for the web. We believe brand strategy, functionality, and great design can, and should, live together on the web. And we do it every day through interactive branding and experience design. Whether it’s websites, web apps, blogs, social networking, e-commerce, email branding, or rich media campaigns, we understand the complexities of online communications and how to present them to make you and your company look its best. Maintaining the quality and consistency of your image across all media is challenging, and that’s exactly why SODA is here.

Specializing in

  • Interactive Branding
  • Experience Design
  • Art Direction
  • Digital Interface Design
  • Web Applications
  • Micro Sites
  • WordPress Themes (Blogging)
  • E-Commerce
  • Rich Media Campaigns
  • Identity Design